Friday, December 14, 2007

Eat French Fries Please

John has been taking a bath in the kitchen sink ever since he could sit up, well unless dad was around, then dad would hold him in the shower and bath him that way. Dad was busy yesterday morning and John desperately needed a shower, so I put him in the kitchen sink, now that was a sink full! John is now officially too big to bath in the kitchen sink, so it's off to the bathtub for him.

In preparation for John to get in the tub we found ourselves in Columbia this evening picking up a shower curtain and running a few errands since we were in town. When we rounded the corner coming from Lowe's, John got all happy and started kicking and making noise in the back seat and signing to us 'eat french fries, eat, eat, eat, eat french fries, please' of course, Culver's was right there. So we told him that if we got him french fries he had to eat at least 4 bites, after all he is 4 now. We pulled through, got his french fries and he happily ate his 4 bites and then was all done. He just cracks me up.

Our last errand was to pick up a few groceries from HyVee, they have the cool carts that have a little car on the front, John loves to sit up there and steer and point and tell us where to go in the store. We've really only been there a few times, but of course he's sure that he knows exactly where we need to go next, and most often he's right. We mostly only shop the outside aisles of the store and the health market that's in the front so if we wander off into a middle aisle he's pointing and telling us that we went the wrong way. He's 4 and he's now a food critic!

Do you listen to Rush Limbaugh? Well if not and you're the least bit interested in heart health stuff check out this article on saturated fat that he was talking about today. I swear the whole diet/food industry makes me crazy. Thank you to all the Loopers who turned us on to Nourishing Traditions and grass-fed everything!

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