Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Good Time at the Bakers!

Okay, so we went to clinic too and even got good news, but most of all we had a wonderful time with our friends the Bakers!


John was thrilled to get there, did the happy dance as we were pulling up in the driveway and started squealing, asking for his hearing aids and to go in before we could even get him unbuckled. Charity and her gracious family had a birthday present for him, and he loved getting to open it. Later he was so excited to wear his new pj's, the other boys had Superman pj's too and John was so excited to be part of the group.


Charity baked a delicious birthday cake for him and as you can see he was so excited to have it. John loves getting to be at the Bakers, so do his parents, and he has the best time when it's dinner time. He gets to sit between some of the children and just loves it. Even though he doesn't really eat much or any of the yummy food that Charity cooks, he has the greatest time just watching the kids and all the amazing things that they do.

The next morning, even before he was all the way dressed John was ready to go play with the kids. When he heard them playing the piano he was scooting himself off the bed trying to get out there as fast as possible. He did get to play on the piano with them, I don't think he added anything musically but he sure did have a great time.



When it was time to say good-bye to the Bakers he didn't cry this time, but only because we were already promising him that he could come back. He gave everyone a hug, and off we went to the hospital for clinic appointments.

John still remembers the hospital quite well and when he got in his gait trainer he took off to run, run, run as fast as he could everywhere. He was such a good little boy waiting for his turn to have his blood drawn. I stood at the front of the blood draw clinic and he would come tell me that he was going to see more Christmas tree, and take off, walk a round of the room and then come back and tell me he was going again. When it was his turn he ran back to the little blood draw room, showed them which hand to use and held real still so that it would get over with quickly. Not one tear escaped his eyes even though they had to poke him twice and when it was all done he ran back to where the stickers are stored so that he could have one before he left.

In clinic he weighed 12.8 kilograms, that makes him 28 pounds 2 ounces and is now a little over 34 inches long. His blood pressure was a little elevated, but a recheck today was fine. He had to get shots for RSV while he was there and that certainly didn't make him very happy, but when the doc came in to see him he was already back to his silly self and when he got to leave he was ready to run, run, run!

John's central line has a little red spot so we had to hang around and get cultures done, but then we were off to see our friend Becky in northern Missouri. John loved getting to visit with her and open a few really cool presents and then was ready to be off again and go home and to bed. Of course when we got home he would rather run all over the place than go to bed, but to bed he went anyway.

Today we got the news that John's cultures came back positive, but it looks like a contaminated sample. He is doing wonderfully, he is wild and ran all over the place at the hospital in Columbia today while we were there to get more cultures drawn. He's going to be getting some IV antibiotics just to make sure that he's okay, but that should end in a couple days.

He's now off of TPN, yet still on IV fluids, but he continues to advance on his G-tube feeds and so we should be done with that central line before long. Most exciting of all he is going straight up on the growth chart and even though he isn't touching the bottom of the curve yet, he sure is headed that direction!

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