Friday, December 7, 2007

Big Helper

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John loves to help. Lol, that expression on his face is determination that he get them in, it was quickly followed by a huge smile that I missed with the camera of course. John's every morning job is putting away the silverware, and the measuring spoons and cups. Some mornings, like today, he does a very fast job, and other mornings we are treated to lots of banging and giggling. Thankfully he has realized that he didn't need to lick every spoon before it was put away - good boy!

John's other job that he loves to help with is pushing the laundry baskets down the basement stairs. He does this in his gait trainer, and since the first time that he watched the baskets go bumping down the stairs and flipping over at the bottom he's not quite so eager to run right up to the lip of the stair. Will this work to keep him from running down the stairwell if the door is ever accidentally left open again, who knows, but for now at least he loves helping, and what mommy could ask for more.

1 comment:

Presbytera said...

It's so nice to have a helper about the house -- especially one who has such a great smile : )