Friday, December 28, 2007

Back to Omaha

I know somewhere around here I've written posts about life being steps forward and steps back and we are in the middle of another of those backward steps. Actually we've been at this since Sunday when John started complaining that his stomach hurt, and it's been up and down since then. Because there just is no real telling what is going on right now John is going back to Omaha on Monday to stay for a week or so until things settle down and he is moving forward again. Today he seems a little better than yesterday, and even his x-ray looked better, but since he still isn't on full g-tube feeds and doesn't have enough reserves built up to delay any longer so we're taking him back. John and I will be living in the Lied center, thankfully he doesn't have to be an in-patient and while it would be pretty easy right now to throw myself a big old pity party there isn't much use in that stuff, so we're thinking of the positives here. The biggest being that John's doing well, still happy and playing and running all over the place, that he's not sickly looking or needing to be admitted to the hospital for big scary stuff. They are going to do an upper GI test on Thursday to see exactly what is going on in there, and while there is ample evidence that this could just be run amok bacterial overgrowth we still need to check. So this weekend we'll spend packing and getting ready and spending as much time together as possible, and hopefully next weekend we'll all be home again, it would be surreal to be in church this Sunday and next and have spent the middle in Omaha, but surreal would be good :)


elephantschild said...

Praying. :)

Angie said...

3Welllll. . .bummer!!!!! Praying for surreal. :)
Love & prayers & hugs from the godmommy

Gina said...

Thanks! Looking at him today I'm pretty sure that we won't be there long.