Wednesday, January 2, 2008

35" Home and Praying that we Stay

First the exciting stuff, John is 35" tall now, woo hoo, pretty soon I might have to change my little thing that I've said to him for 4 years - "you're my favorite boy under 3' tall" - that would be cool! John did great on Monday, Tuesday and this morning and so we are home. They checked a ton of labs, routine stuff is good, but the vitamins and such have to be sent out and so we won't know about them for a while. The praying that we stay, well aside from our normal every day praying, we have a little boy who started puking on the way home. At first it was just snot and formula, I've had a bad cold for the past couple days and we figured that I had inadvertently shared it with him, but as we were getting closer to home the puking got worse. Well he's in bed now, I think he might be going to see his pediatrician tomorrow though because his throat looks red to me, is that what's causing the puking, will that make a difference in whether we deal with this at home, in Columbia or in Omaha, I haven't got a clue. What I do know that is that we are praying that a little boy gets some rest tonight and feels like running around and being crazy tomorrow, but knowing that God's ways aren't ours, as always we pray 'God's will be done' and that He will give us the strength and peace to live each day in that will.

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