Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Good Bye Christmas Tree - Just Like Us


Yesterday we said good-bye to the Christmas tree. A little late, I usually like to take it down on Epiphany but well a couple days after isn't too bad. John really liked helping take the ornaments off and since the tree wasn't down before he went to bed he got to wave good-bye to it. Just a few thank-you's to write and mail and the Christmas season will be done at our house.

Mark and I were chuckling at the boy last night, about just how much he is like us. As we were putting him in his bed he signed to have the curtain closed and told us he needed a book. So we opened his closet door and turned the light on for him, and he laid there in his bed and read for a while. Daddy sneaked in latter and shut his door and I pulled the book out from under him before I went to bed. Of course he's like us in so many other ways too, lol, Mark picked John's sock up this morning from under the edge of the kitchen cabinet, so that's what he was giggling about last night, he must have tossed it there while I wasn't looking, what a nut, just like us!

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