Thursday, September 6, 2007

Day 9: Time for Bed

The day continued great and John looks better right now than he has in a while, I actually think he might be gaining weight, I don't know, he has the full face look like when he's on a little high of IV fluids, but he's not running high on IV fluids, so maybe it's actually weight, that would be awesome.

The lady who coordinates therapy here brought John a Charries chair and little table. Wow, the workmanship in this thing is amazing and it's short enough that when he sits in the chair his feet are flat on the floor, barefooted even. The little table has a cut out in it so he can kinda be in the table, if you know what I mean, and is the perfect height to go with the chair. After his nap he was eager to get in it and play with the little barn and animals that the Child Life lady brought him. This evening he wanted in it again to read books and play again too. It's nice to have stuff around that's actually tiny enough that John fits in it right.

We spent a couple hours this afternoon walking the hospital hallways and ate dinner at the cafeteria. John has eaten a bit all through the day and finished out the night by sitting on my lap scarfing down cereal. All in all he's been a happy, fun little guy, waving at those who pass in the hall, 'talking' to people in the elevator and having to be bribed to go back to his room. Having him happy and smiling makes everything in the world better.

Thanks for all your prayers, we'll know tomorrow afternoon if John will remain in-patient or not. At this point his blood cultures are still negative, I've been worried all day what would happen if they stayed negative and then we stopped antibiotics and he got sick again, then it dawned on me we never did urine cultures and now that he's been on antibiotics this long it's too late. I talked to the nurse about this concern tonight and will be talking to the team in the morning, we'll see what the day brings. For tonight a little boy is sound asleep, he was excited to say prayers with dad, brush and floss teeth and then crashed, so much more his normal self.

Oh, btw, we still have our Lied Center room, so our address is still the same, the deal is that John's Missouri Medicaid will pay for the room whenever he is out-patient and we pay for it while he's in-patient. Medicaid is still such a hard thing for us and we earnestly wish that we could pay for John's medical care on our own without having to rely on taxpayer dollars, but life is too precious to not use every resource available to make it the best it can be. Yet another in the long, long, long list of things that we have to be thankful for!

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