Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day 32: Smiles, Snorts and a Double Chin

Friday came and went, mostly we ran and ran and ran. We did have more pump problems but met the nurse, Julie, in the hall and she evidently has the magic touch because the pump has been working for nearly 24 hours without a single inappropriate beep out of it. Thanks, Julie!

Last night John was awake until nearly 1am because he couldn't stop giggling, smiling and being silly. Every time he'd get himself all most to sleep I'd hear him kicking his feet and then he'd giggle some more. This morning after he woke up with smiles, he decided that he wanted to snuggle with mom for a bit and so laid next to me and snorted and smiled, and snorted and smiled, making sure that I was watching him and smiling too. I was, how could you not, what a silly kid. I noticed while we were laying there that John now has a nice little double chin!

The rest of our Saturday will probably be spent running and running and running, today already we found a new hill to run down, reminds me of the hill in front of Papa's only shorter in distance and steeper too, I really think John is going to have to wait for Mark to be at the end of this one to catch as he comes down so fast it's all I can do to get him stopped before he hits the curb on the other side of the driveway. The couple times that we did it though it was fun and reminded me of my sister's boys riding their big-wheels down the hill behind the house.

For the moment we are in the room to make the bulletins for church on Sunday and answer a few emails but then we will be off to the races again :)

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