Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 15: That Day...

...or rather that night, and hopefully as the day goes on it will get better, ugh!

No matter what has gone on in my life, no matter how good or bad things are going, it just seems like there is always in place that one disaster day where everything I touch just doesn't work right. Last night was the beginning of that day, lol, tpn issues, pump issues, issues in general, ugh, ugh, ugh. So because of issues the toddler didn't get as many calories over night as he usually does, he's okay he's just a bit on the crabby and stubborn side, hmmmmm, that's par for the course as today is the day that he is meeting the OT and PT for them to evaluate how/what he can do. Oh well, I suppose it will give them something to be pleasantly surprised by when they meet him on a good day and he just blows away all the things he supposedly can't do because he's tired, crabby and stubborn today. Somehow, that just seems like normal kid, no wait, I know me, it just seems like normal :)

For the moment he's napping, curled up with the new blankie that Jenny from Loopers sent him, thank you, it's perfect, we love it! He ran around with the bubble wrap from the box that Julie and her kids sent to him, thank you, we can't wait to play in this one, it looks like so much fun. And of course he's steadfastly refusing to even look at the sippy cup that came in the box that dad sent because he just wants ice not a drink, mom!

The mail has has been a bright ray of sunshine for our day and will be remembered long after the issues, stubbornness and such are long forgotten.

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