Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Day 7: Answered Prayers

John woke up this morning and immediately wanted a drink and was none too pleased to find that he was NPO yet again. But with a nice shower with dad and the promise of going for a walk he was okay. While I was getting him dressed we explained about his test, he took it well enough that I wasn't sure he completely understood what we were telling him. I should have known better, we were out walking and dad was waiting in the room to call us and tell us that it was time to come back, when dad called and I told John it was time to go for the test he looked at me, turned his gait trainer around away from the way we needed to go and ran! So we held hands all the way to the test, well except for the big ramp to run down, nothing ever deters the piglet from the fun of running down a ramp. He reluctantly walked into the room where it was done, said bye to dad, who doesn't hang out for these kinda things, and sat up on the x-ray table like a big boy. Thanks be to God the lady that said that he had to be strapped down for this was not the one working with us today and the lady that He sent told him that if he could be still he didn't have to be strapped down. John laid on the table for the preliminary x-ray and then when the docs came in to do the test he shook their hands and laid back on the table like a big boy. I was amazed, actually no, I was impressed and so thankful, I could tell that he was uncomfortable, who wouldn't be with this test, but he laid there and didn't cry, scream or even squirm, he held very still in every position requested and towards the end of the test was even looking at the screen where it showed the dye going into his colon and was showing me the camera that was taking his picture. At the end he sat back up, told the nice lady thank-you and then walked back to his room to see dad and have ice. As a parent I have rarely been prouder of my little boy than I was today, thank you every one for your prayers, all were answered with a resounding yes and John is now resting comfortably on his bed cuddled up with his blankie in a rather good mood, despite having drank a full 8 ounce diet coke down in a very few gulps the moment we got back and then predictably giving it all back, lol, seems kinda normal even.

I'll update more as we visit with the team today. The nurse coordinator came by and expects him to go out-patient very soon. She is a great advocate for John and will be in rounds today. I was able to explain to her that g-tube feeds for John seem to go better with either a large amount of free water added to them, or in 12 hour intervals so his gut has time to move them through. This made sense to her with his anatomy, so we'll see how that works out. She also explained to us the procedure of what to do if John got sick while we were out-patient and that since the new Omega 3 lipids are part of a study that is going on they don't have easy access to them, but since he can tolerate g-tube feeds and eat too he should get enough fat in his diet that he won't need to be on lipids.

Now just to wait on the team and to see what the rest of the day brings.

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