Sunday, September 2, 2007

Day 5: A Glimpse of the Future and A Nice Walk

We have finally reached the day when the new has worn off and John is done eating in this hospital. We've seen this before that he'll eat for a couple days, then he'll only eat ice cream and such and then he won't eat anything so long as he's in the hospital building. Well today's the day, 3 grapes for breakfast and that was it until dad arrived and we had supper in the cafeteria then he managed one bite of onion ring, and he was done and ready to go.

We did get a bit of news today, the surgeon told me on rounds that John is an excellent candidate for the STEP procedure and that they feel he'll be ready for it in a couple weeks. After that they will begin to wean him off of TPN and send him home. The weaning off of TPN is where the long haul in this is going to occur evidently, but even that is all in God's perfect timing.

Mark got here this evening and with him he brought the best invention ever. It's obvious that he was paying attention when he was growing up and got a few of those Wesley genes, as he came in with a dowel rod and metal pin fitted to one of John's gait trainer pieces and he now has a great IV pole that fits his gait trainer and let's him run the hospital. We were amazed that he could move the pumps as they are very heavy, but then of course he is a very determined little boy. He needed a little help up the ramps and it took a bit of learning to get used to having the pumps on the side as it makes him a little wider, but all in all he was pretty impressive.

The nurses have kindly arranged for us to all get to spend the night in John's room again, and so tonight we get to spend another night all under the same roof, that feels really good, even if it is a hospital room. We look forward to seeing what tomorrow brings and the rumor is that John will go out-patient on Tuesday.

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