Friday, September 7, 2007

Day 10: Right Upper Lobe Atelectasis!

Also called pneumonia, hooray! Why would be cheering for pneumonia? Because it is the best possible answer. Little kids don't pop 39.6C fevers because they are bored and have nothing better to do than scare the grown-ups around them, and so there had to be an answer. He's had a little nagging cough ever since the line was placed and the scope was done and we sorta thought that it was just sore throat, mine would be after having all that junk shoved down it, but nope it's a little aspiration pneumonia. This is one of those things that is possible with any surgery and this one is caught, being well managed with Zosyn and we get to go back to our nice out-patient room! John is feeling great today, he played nicely with the Development lady and this time was good and showed her just how smart he is and how fast he learns things, he also had a good time with an online Fisher Price game that I found for him, ate a little breakfast, we read some books and he is down for a nap. This afternoon sometime he should be discharged and we will be on Zosyn every 6 hours for the next 12 days. This is so much better than a line infection which would have seriously interfered with continuing his little baby steps of putting on weight and also much better than a UTI on his little fragile kidneys. So yep, we're celebrating pneumonia today, and are reminded once again that God's ways aren't ours and His blessings can come in the most bizarre forms.

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