Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 23: Welcome byes and Yet another new trick!

The welcome good-byes are for the Zosyn doses, this is the last day, well technically the last dose is due at 4am and then we will get to sleep through the night, a novel idea, we look forward to trying it. Lol, so does Mark, because of course I call him at 4am, in part to have a back-up in case I miss my alarm, but mostly because it's nice to hear his voice in the dark. Of course last night when we talked he was still wide awake, as he started reading The Wednesday Letters when he went to bed and finished them in time for us to talk at 4am. Mr. Wright has another fan, and Mark is normally a sci-fi, thriller reader or Biblical, technical stuff for work reader and yet he too found that he couldn't lay the book down.

The new trick was learned in PT today. John was a stinker for the most part for the OT, but did do some good arm work for her finally, but for PT, now that was a different story. Today was his first day to get to walk between the parallel bars. The first time he was hesitant, the second time going straight he took off and was doing great. He still needs some work on turning at the end and on walking down the length of the bars sideways, but it was great to see how well he did with this. Mr. Paul, our much loved pool physical therapist at home, has been anxious to see John try these bars for a while, it's nice to be in a place where they have some. The PT here also had John doing some walking in his gait trainer without the side supports or seat in it and he did okay, definitely not something that he needs to be trying without someone there to catch him, but oh so much better than the last time Mark and I tried this and he just stood there and screamed until we put his gait trainer back together right.

John is down for his nap, actually putting himself to sleep for the moment instead of escaping. I look forward to this weekend when we will be getting enough sleep that I feel like doing stuff while he is napping instead of falling asleep with a book.


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