Monday, April 11, 2011

Traveling Light

Today we are trying to get ready to head into town to run some errands. Mark and I were thinking the other day about a comment made at the hospital, something to the effect of how much stuff we had to carry when we traveled. It really felt that way for years and even more so right after John was out of the hospital - somehow anti-rejection meds carry a mental weight far beyond the size of their bottles. At any rate John has been doing so well lately that this weight seems to be lifting, not the importance of meds by any means, just the perception of the enormity of the situation. The other thing that is really helping is John is growing, growing, growing. He's needed new shoes, new pants, new shirts, new underwear, and one less thing ...

...yep, that's right, good bye potty seat!

There are still a few commercial toilets that are a bit intimidating in size, but the potty seat is gone, and we don't have to travel with extra clothes, or formula pumps (he's only hooked up at night) or meds (because we come home for bedtime and he only gets meds in the morning before we leave and at night before bed.) It's sometimes strange, but it's really cool to be traveling this light.

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