Monday, April 18, 2011

Faith and Medicine

We took a long weekend to go to Nebraska and enjoy getting to see our friends oldest daughter confess her faith. It was so great to be in the midst of our friends and their family as we celebrated with Adri, and at the same time we were thinking of Isaac and being so happy and proud of him for confessing his faith in confirmation this Sunday too. Now each time we celebrate the Lord's Supper the table is increased by two and we will confess our faith with these two young people who are dear to us.

While in Nebraska we were also there for John's clinic appointment. It was amazing! John has gained over a kilogram, 2.2 pounds, since his last appointment like 5 weeks ago. He is doing so well that he does not have to return for another clinic appointment for 3 months, the longest he has ever been between clinic appointments in his entire life. He also gets to have labs drawn every other week instead of every week and 2 of his anti-rejection drugs are being lowered. Amazing news, just amazing. He made this whole trip with no problems whatsoever, had a wonderful time and of course I took the camera with me and completely forgot that I did and never took it out of the truck. Friends will post pics on Facebook eventually and I will link to them there.

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