Friday, April 29, 2011

Parent Network of Mid Missouri

In visiting with the power soccer guy we found out about the Services for Independent Living in Columbia starting a parenting support group and I was invited to attend their meetings and be part of the group setting this up. The first meeting was yesterday and because of scheduling conflicts John came with me and sat through a 2 hour meeting, I was amazed and impressed with how well he behaved, having to adjust the volume on his DS and iPod only a few times and he reserved all honking and table slapping until the last few minutes, phew, by that time it was time to escape anyway.

The group itself is still in the works but they/we are trying to build something to help parents of disabled children (no matter the children's age) and others who love and care for disabled children help them be as independent as they can be. It's also going to be a support group for the parents because raising a disabled child is amazing and wonderful and a blessing beyond measure, but it also has a tendency to isolate and separate one from the rest of the world, especially if they don't have amazing friends that share other parts of their common life, faith, homeschooling or such. We are very blessed with relationships that support us and keep us going and we are looking forward to being able to share and help and support other parents who aren't so blessed with such wonderful friends and family.

Eventually there will be more information about Parent Network, facebook pages, websites, and the like, for today if you are interested contact me and I'll help you get connected.

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