Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Smirk of a Dog

John had a great time this morning hanging outside with Mark, as Mark was getting a pork butt started in the smoker and various other outdoorish things. John followed his dad around for a while and then decided it was more fun to go play with things in the back yard.

Shortly after this he was trying to 'shovel' something, we have no snow and no piles of manure and somehow the grass wasn't as easy to 'shovel' as he thought it should be so he came back for a second toy, um tool.

As he was trying to use this one I do believe Mellon was smirking at him, heck she might have been straight up laughing, but that didn't last for long. You can see that he wasn't quite as effective as one would hope with this tool either, so he gave that effort up and decided to lead Mellon around the yard with her chain, by the time he was done with this Mark had to flip his chair over on it's side to get the dog chain out of the drive wheel of the chair. I'm pretty sure the dog would have been smirking then too if she wasn't so relieved to be removed from the grasp of the boy.

It's been a record setting day around here, the sprayer on the kitchen sink broke, John was standing up in his chair and then laying on the floor face first as he tried to go backwards fast while standing, the shelf above my desk proved that it needed to have a few more braces and so had to be emptied, John was enthusiastically driving through the kitchen, doing what looked like a soccer kick and broke the kitchen cabinet door and to finish off the night the only light in the garage where the pork butt is smelling yummier by the hour blew out. Still we end this day with smiles all around, John is transitioning onto new formula without a hitch, he is bigger and has more energy by the day and tonight it was really nice to be able to load the materials for tomorrows Sunday school lesson into the bag that we got from the hospital in Omaha to keep John's discharge papers - many days I sat looking at that bag, it reads, wondering if we had just transplanted John's death, and now I am taking the gospel to church in it to share with John and his little Sunday School friends.

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