Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Boy and His Dog

This is of course the same dog that came right up and snurffled him immediately when we met her, and the same one who if he reaches out and grabs her collar he can drag around the house, the same one who gets locked in her box by a squealing happy boy and the same one who is eager to see same silly boy when he gets home from wherever he has gone. I cannot imagine a house without a dog, this one is particularly good, if yet still young and a little on the too eager side. We still hope to see her be John's helper in future, and the other day when I was helping him walk from bathroom to bedroom he reached out and grabbed her collar, walking with one hand holding onto Mellon and one hand holding on to me and we cheered!

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Cheryl said...

Great pictures! Especially the third one--both John and Mellon look so happy. :-)