Thursday, November 18, 2010

one more night

Gina and Mark had another scare last night. The lab number were not looking for the new liver. The prospect that the newly transplanted liver would not be able to work is the dark road. Every hope was looking towards the numbers that would come from his lab that would be taken at midnight. There were many people waiting for this following text from Gina:

"Lab results are in, he is still in very serious condition but there is reason to hope that this is not primary graft failure or game over time :) Now of course the fatigue has totally set in and we are actually both going to go lay down for a bit, the nurse is amazing and so are you."

The term that Gina used, primary graft failure, mean that the liver would not work for John and the would have to get a new one. FAST

signed The Lutheranhen, aka the friend in NE.

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