Thursday, November 11, 2010

In the hospital out than in again

Gina has asked me to post information on her blog. They had traveled to Omaha Wednesday night. John was going to have his transplant surgery in the morning. On Thursday morning after John was prepped for the surgery, they found out that the organs that John was going to receive were damaged and could not be used. I came up to the hospital and sat and visited with them. They were then planing on staying with me and my family tonight (thursday). God had other things in mind. While Gina and I were enjoying a cup coffee and laughing, she received a phone call from Omaha. John's blood cultures turned out to be gram positive which means that he has a bacteria infection in his blood. They had the choice of being admitted into the hospital in Omaha or driving back Columbia Children's Hospital. As I type this they are driving back to MO and John will be hospitalized in Columbia for at least four days. Now this is just a guess from me and I am not a nurse nor do I pretend to be. I am just a friend that tries to be a friend to Gina, Mark and John.

signed Lutheranhen (the Nebraska friend)


Laura said...

Thanks for posting this for Gina. We will continue to be in prayer for their family, especially for John.

Purplehummingbird said...

Praying once again for tonight. Thank you for being there with them also LutheranHen though this. Hugs and prayers for the Hass family.