Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another surgery

John's next surgery to clean and remove the packing is set for Noon tomorrow, but we are on hospital time which means it will happen tomorrow at some point probably mid day

I was in the hospital today with Gina, Mark and John. Again their were feed real food and we laughed and cried together. John is still a fragile shell of the boy that I have seen in the past. His life is in a balance that none of our minds can even begin to understand.

We pray that God would let this little boy live another hour, hour, hour, hour, and build up to 24. Then we pray for another day.

Please pray for this little boy tonight. Pray for his parents. When dark our hour and heavy our hearts Christ strength is ours. Lord Have Mercy

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Rob Jacklin said...

Thank you, Nebraska friend, for keeping the blog updated!

Gina and Mark-
I don't know if you've heard this song before, but I love it. I heard it on my way in to work this morning and was praying for you all...praying that you can feel God with you. The song is "He is with you" by Mandisa. Here's the youtube link...

We are praying for you guys!!!