Saturday, November 27, 2010

Date Night in the PICU

The nurse was teasing us earlier that she needed to get us candles because it looked like date night in here with us sitting in the corner together enjoying supper. It feels so very natural to be here, where we are all under one roof and in one room together. Date night, not really, but a good night. John is continuing his walk on this tight rope and seems if anything to have picked up a bit of speed and dexterity. They are currently trying to figure out how much versed to give him to keep him sufficiently knocked out to stop fighting with them. We are so very glad to see this, it does however explain much about why they were so worried earlier when they had to give him 1/5th this much anesthetic and he was still not responsive.

I walk with Jesus all the way
His guidance never fails me
Within His wounds I find a stay
When satan's power assails me
And by His footsteps led
My path I safely tread
No evil leads my soul astray
I walk with Jesus all the way.

This night we are so thankful for all the steps that John has made and yet we continue to pray and to trust that it is Christ Himself who walks this precious child through this time, thankfully no longer in a deep dark valley of death, but still through dangerous territory.

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Anonymous said...

You know that you have been in ICU too long when you are on a first name basis with the nurses and you know a good part of their history. Our prayers continue to be with John as he fights for recovery. We know that Christ is right beside him every step of this journey.