Wednesday, June 30, 2010


One of my friends has a kind of reward system going with her kids, they do enough school they get a reward, Mark and I talked about this and decided it would be a good thing both for John and for me. We all need a little incentive some days. Anyway, what we decided on was after 20 days of school, the chart is on the wall for stickers for each day that school was actually done, it will be time to go to another big movie. We went to Toy Story 3 last night and John had so much fun, during the credits he was shopping for what other movies he wanted to see at the 'big movie'. We enjoyed watching the movie and we enjoyed watching John watch the movie. When we went to see How to Train Your Dragon a few months back he was in and out of the theater and looking at stuff and probably saw half the movie each of the two times that we went. He can't tell us, but I think he probably didn't realize that when it was over it was over. You see John is a dvd, and roku remote master, which while it might be annoying in another kid for John it is the way that he can show me what he likes and and 'talk' about the movie. He will often play a part over and over and skip around and play just the parts that he likes and will even at times play the parts of the movie backwards and end with the beginning credits and then be done. But at the 'big movie' there is no control over the screen, for Toy Story 3 he fidgeted a bit until the previews came on and then he was riveted to the screen, he never asked to get out of his chair, he sat in a booster seat in a theater seat, and he never got distracted or turned away from it the whole time until the cute part of the ending credits was over. In fact he was in tune with the movie enough that he nor we noticed that the only other people in the theater were actually members of Mark's country congregation until the lights came up. At any rate Toy Story 3 was a good movie, I can't wait to see John 'talk' about it when the dvd comes out and 'big movie' is a BIG incentive for both John and mommy too.

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