Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cold Frog on My Head


...today he wanted it on his head, and then rubbed it on his neck and my arm for a while and then laid it on my desk and wandered off. Other days he wants it at bed time and puts it on his pillow after giving it several kisses. Occasionally he will let the dog kiss it, but only when it's cold, and only when we are there to watch, or at least I don't think he's let her kiss it when we aren't looking. I wonder if he's trying to get her to turn into a frog, or the frog to turn into a dog, who knows. What I do know is that too much information is, well, too much information. I told him that when he gets older and we've done more school that we will order a special frog, a real one, that will be dead and in a plastic bag like I put the strawberries and chickens in and that we will get it out of the bag and cut it up and see all of it's guts and muscles and stuff. Next morning I was greeted with 'more school cold frog cut cut cut', oh that's my boy!

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