Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Of Little Beating Hearts and Orange Earmolds

I will freely admit that I was scared going into the ultrasound this morning, I kept singing the Kyrie in my head and reminding myself that God had carried us through the worst that could happen when we lost Katherine in '08. When the ultrasound tech showed us our babies little heart beating there were tears of joy, tears of relief, and tears of 'oh Thank You God for this little life.' It's hard to believe that someone who is less than half a centimeter long can completely hold your heart, but they can. We go back in two weeks for another ultrasound. I am considered high risk, age, weight, huge inflammation levels, some weird genetic clotting disorder and such so the doc is keeping a very close eye on both the babies health and mine. John was excited to see the baby, he had a grin all the way across his beautiful face and signed baby for us so sweetly. He had a great time looking at the pictures and I can see in his face that baby is becoming more real.

Our other errand of the morning was to let John choose his own new earmold color. Actually that was the first thing he signed to dad this morning was new ears, orange! And bright neon orange they will be. I'll share pictures when they come in. This is a really cool thing for John as little as a year ago he couldn't have made a choice like this, he's now done it three times and each time farther out and more enthusiastically. We're so amazed each day with the little miracle that lives in our house, we have been so very blessed to be John's parents and this baby will be blessed with the coolest big brother!


Jen Jacklin said...

So excited!! I was thinking of you guys and praying for you today. Will continue to pray for your growing family!!

Gina said...

Thanks Jen!