Thursday, March 25, 2010

And the Award for...

...Most Creative Usage of a Bedroom Curtain...goes to John Hass!!!!

We've been wondering how John keeps trying to sneak off the end of his bed at night. You see it's not easy for John to go from laying down to sitting up all by himself, and definitely not several times in a row or with lots of energy left for giggling and squealing and such. Tonight while putting him to bed I asked him to 'wake up' his words for sit up, on his own and he reached over, got a hold of the curtain pulled himself up using curtain, then windowsill and then sat up with a huge grin on his face. Our little imp has learned so much from just the desire to be silly.

John is always the little ray of sunshine in our life and today was no different. He is learning lots of new stuff to do in his Jump Start 1st Grade Game, and he is of course ever the helpful little guy.


My favorite guys! Notice how beautiful the silver halo looks on the big one :)



Kristi said...

That is a much better creative use for curtains than my neice's. My sister posted on FB last night that it isn't good when your 3.5 year old comes and says "I'm sorry mommy.....I'll buy you new curtains." She decided it was better the curtains that her hair that she decided to use the scissors on.

Gina said...

Ouch, we've not had that yet, but John isn't very good with scissors. He did try to cut his shirt and pants a few times though.