Monday, March 29, 2010


As I type this John is sound asleep in his bed and our new friend is asleep by my foot, she has a nice new crate with a blanket, 2 pillows and a little stuffed dog that she has enjoyed chewing on in it but no, she's just happier here by my foot and well really I'm happier with her here to, for now.


We said good-bye to Lucy nearly 6 months ago, while a dog-free home has it's advantages like lack of dog hair and no worries about being gone too long, somehow it's just not as home as home should be. Mark and I have talked off an on about getting a new dog. We've gone back and forth and debated the subject and we might have held out for another month or two if we hadn't lost our baby to miscarriage, but we did and now there's a fur ball sleeping by my foot.

We have wanted a sibling for John for a long time, we figure God will provide this if John truly needs one and for now we can at least provide a furry friend who can learn to play fetch and has the size and temperament to be trained to be an assist dog for him.

When we called about this puppy yesterday and found out that it would be just right for us we told John and he was excited. Last night before bed he was signing to us 'dog play ball' and was happy. Today he was excited about going and getting a dog to play ball with. When he first met our new friend she licked him in the face and then tried to chew on his central line and he started signing 'no no no truck truck no no' it was bad. He cried, the dog looked sad, and in the end he, the dog and I sat in the truck together for a while before he was okay with her staying with us. As we were coming back home with her at first he would not let her ride in the back seat with him, then a ways down the road she could ride back there, and by the time we got home she had fallen asleep in the back seat and he was so excited he was patting her rather firmly on the rump to wake her up signing 'dog wake-up home, home, dog, home'. It's going to be a good thing, it's going to take a while, the puppy is 8 weeks old, the boy is 6 years old and given a few months I think they will be the best of friends.



Btw the dogs name is Mellon, if you are geeky enough to know what it means and where it came from you can probably pronounce it right too :) I'm still working on the pronunciation, it still comes out more like melon, but I'm getting there. If you're not geeky enough to know, I'll tell you, it means friend in Elvish, it's the word that Gandalf speaks to open the doors to the mines of Moria, and now you know our not-so-well-kept secret, yep, we're nuts!

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