Wednesday, March 17, 2010

6 Feet of Love and Wisdom

In the words of my wise and loving husband "we know nothing until we know something." I spent much of yesterday with hope that we would hold our baby and then woke up from an afternoon nap having passed a blood clot and spent the rest of the day trying to hold off grief. Last night instead of eating right before I went to sleep, as usual lately, I figured it wasn't needed - freaky blood sugar issues was the first thing that went away the last time I miscarried. I fell asleep praying that if the baby had any chance of survival that it would take what it needed from me. John woke up at 2am needing a drink of water, at which time my blood sugar was already so low that Mark brought me a glass of milk because I could barely function. I spent the rest of the night sleeping with no cramping and this morning no spotting at all. My first words to my sweet guy this morning were some of his favorites, 'you were right' and so I am traveling through this day, resting, praying, and remembering that gift from God - 6 feet of love and wisdom that I've spent almost 15 years being blessed with, "I know nothing until I know something", blessed be the Lord.

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