Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom...

...went John's little car. It zoomed down the table, it zoomed onto the floor, it zoomed on the floor, it zoomed on the chairs and it zoomed from person to person as John found yet someone else to play with. We loved watching this and everyone involved, most especially John, seemed to have a great time. All this took place at the hymn-sing and dinner out at the country parish Sunday night. It was great! We got to visit and talk and catch up a bit with friends we don't see very often and John had a great time too!

At the moment though John is snoozing in the bed at the hospital, yep, again. We thought he had the flu, after all we're pretty sure that Mark had either flu proper or something that plays flu on television, but we were wrong, it's a central line infection. Thankfully it was caught very early, and he's already bouncing back. He started running a fever last night, Tylenol kept it down until 4am and then it was coming up too fast 101.1 to 101.5 in just a few minutes so we loaded him up and took him to Columbia to the ER. By the time we got him there the fever was back down and he was ready to play. He's snotty and congested and so when he tested negative for flu it was assumed that it was just a bad respiratory thingy and we were sent home. On the way home his fever started up again and when we got here and checked it it was 104.1, that's way too high for taking chances with little guys with central lines in their chests. So back to the hospital we went. They had taken cultures on our first ER trip, and by the time we were back to the hospital and upstairs for a couple hours it was already growing gram negative rods but by that time John was already starting to feel better and with the proper antibiotics will recover even quicker. They think that they'll know the bugs name in the morning and that means we may bet to bring John back home tomorrow.

The most amazing part of all this is that he decided that he wanted to walk for a while and he can now reach all the buttons on the displays in the hallways and is strong enough to push them on his own. It's been a while since we saw him walk up and down the halls there, and I don't guess I really realized just how tall he was getting until I saw how much higher he is compared to all the toys and paintings at the hospital. Wow, that boy is growing up a lot and watching him run around today he looks like such a little boy. I'm sure that sounds weird, maybe it's really only a mommy thing, but even when he was upset and cried a bit when they stuck him for blood it wasn't a baby but a little boy cry and well, my little boy is growing up.

I'm home tonight cooking the desserts for a funeral that is going to be at the town church this Thursday. Tonight with the whole house smelling like baked yummies, John in the hospital, a funeral coming up for a 30 year old man with several children under 5 it would be easy to be down and depressed, but I find myself thankful, thankful that I can do something helpful, thankful that John is progressing despite the crazy health stuff that happens to him, thankful that the family of the man who died has the hope of Christ to hold onto and in the end I'm thankful that in this vale of tears, even on days that have been long and stress filled the blessings of Christ are evident to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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