Friday, February 22, 2008

One Silly Boy


One silly boy, I don't know who, has learned to remove the weight from the homemade Roman shade in the dining room, and race at top speed across the floor with it, hockey anyone?


One silly boy, I don't know who, has learned to swing that weight above his head, that's not as lethal as the dowel rod that we use for a rolling pin that one silly boy, I don't know who, has learned to take down from the counter and also swing over his head, and make it fly across the room. Too many sword fight movies with dad?


One silly boy, I don't know who, has not only seriously started to play with his toys, but while I was looking out the window at the lunar eclipse made a big crash in the living room. When I found him he was laying under the toy thingy, did he try to stand up by himself, I don't know. What I do know is that not only was he not hurt, but in the end it seemed that his crying had more to do with him being pinned and being unable to reach all the cool toys that had now landed on the floor than anything else.

Life with one silly boy is getting to be more and more entertaining by the day. He has now figured out how to scoot himself completely across the living room on his bottom, and yesterday when dad left the room to go to the 'library' I found one silly boy scooting himself into the hall. I asked him where he was going and he told me 'dad.' I'm guessing that soon the 'library' will have other patrons. I've always worried about his pump, but he grabs onto the tubing and pulls it towards him so he has more room to go, and if the zipper tabs are tightly latched together with a d-ring he opens the bag and shuts the pump off, turns it on, and reprograms it.

This silly boy is also now doing, on his own, those developmental things that his therapists have been so worried about, he's building with his blocks, he's walking his animals in and out of their ark, and over the blocks at times too, he's driving his cars around and wouldn't you know it throwing Legos of different sizes and Mega blocks in the same bin has gotten one silly boy to sort things by size. He rolls over and over, and then back and over and over again. He also rolls onto his back scoots around with his feet and then rolls further, accomplishing a pretty cool direction change. He will also now bring us "The Jungle Book" and tell us he wants to watch the bear, or "101 Dalmatians" and tell us that he wants to watch the dogs. He does actually watch parts of the movies, I've been impressed. Of course I'm not quite so impressed that he turns the tv on and off, can open the front door if it isn't completely and perfectly closed and reprogram the tv so that people are a sickly shade of green, or better yet the whole world is pink. I didn't quite understand why he needs to steal my cell phone off the bar, how he opens videos on my computer, or adjusts the buttons and dials on the dishwasher, but was pretty impressed that he actually sorted the silverware while he was putting it away the other day, of course he can only do this in his chair but hey, it's something. I didn't realize that he knew where the measuring cups went until he started pulling them out of the dishwasher and throwing them into the proper drawer. I also didn't realize that if the back door wasn't locked all the time he could open it because he can now reach the handle. There are days when I feel like I need to go find that quote from Pinnochio about becoming a real boy, because it sure feels like John is doing just that.

We were in Omaha this week for check-ups. His labs are perfect, he is now 35 1/4 inches tall and weighs 29.4 pounds. Better yet he can scoot all over Charity's living room, flip over rocking chairs, play with the footstool without pinching his fingers off and is getting more into playing with the kids every time we go. We're looking forward to one of the visits after Easter so that we can stay an extra day and let the kids play more, oh and the mommies visit more too! He was a big boy and hugged everyone good-bye as we were leaving, and this time he didn't cry until we were back in the Jeep and on our way into town and he realized that we had returned the books that we borrowed from Charity's kids and that they weren't with us. One silly boy is just that, silly, but in a delightful way that makes even snowy wintry days full of smiles.

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