Friday, February 29, 2008

Beware World

John is now tall enough to reach the handles on the front doors of the Jeep from the outside, thankfully he's not yet strong enough to open it. We found this out yesterday evening when we were getting ready to load him up and take him home and he just ran up and grabbed the door handle. Yikes!

We did finally find out that the infection that he has is 2 ornery rotten bugs klebsiella and E coli. Both pretty nasty bugs, both things that normally live in our guts but these ones have escaped the gut and decided to go for a ride in John's blood stream. A serious infection yes, scary, not so much, well at least not this time because it was caught early, he doesn't have resistant strains and he's so much bigger and stronger than he used to be. He'll be on antibiotics for 14 days after his first negative blood culture, and we might have one of those today, that would be cool.

Even fighting an infection he's still running around the house, bringing me books to read to him, opening everything he can reach - which is practically everything at this point and playing. He looks amazing for being sick and hey, he's now 30 pounds, it's amazing to realize just how big he's getting.

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AmusedMomma said...

Praying for John's quick recovery!