Friday, February 1, 2008

Back on the Planet

Well okay, we didn't really fall off the planet, but it might have looked that way.

The past several weeks have been a whirlwind of life in our home. Since taking John to the ER on Christmas Eve we've known that something was going wrong again. This is like a quietly ticking bomb off in the corner, we know it's there, we know it's going to explode but we are powerless to do much of anything about it. This finally culminated in John needing to stay in Omaha for a week and we are returning again on Tuesday for a test to see if the problem can be diagnosed. Thus far John has been changed onto another antibiotic for bacterial overgrowth, it looks like this might have been the needed change all along, but we are thankful that the IRP team at Omaha is taking a very pro-active course and doing this test. The test itself will be painless, pretty much an intensive upper GI test, but John has grown very wary of testing and such, so while not physically painful I look for it to be quite stressful none the less. The diagnosis could be anything from hey that new antibiotic works to a need for a further surgical tweaking of John's bowels, thankfully after testing on Tuesday we have an appointment with the IRP team and and will know something then. Waiting is always harder than whatever is needed to be done.

While life with John can be medically complicated, it is still life with a cute little 4 year old who is learning and growing and becoming more and more an independent little guy every day.


John has decided that it's time to learn to dress himself, and the picture shows him trying to put on his own pants. He hasn't quite accomplished this but is getting better at putting all of his clothes on, and taking them back off. He's also getting to where he can do more things on his own, he helps to push his new medication into his g-tube and is even trying to wipe himself and put on his own diapers. Now if we could just convince him to use the potty I'm sure he could learn to pull of his own underwear. But the big problem with that one is for some reason he is scared of the potty, I'm thinking we may end up having to just get rid of the potty that we have a get a totally new one to see if we can get somewhere on this.



While we deal with John's medical issues there is no shortage of life that goes on, including enjoying the company of friends. John always enjoys seeing our friends and their little dog and comes running with bubbles in hand any time that Tiffany is around.

During our week in Omaha, John and I got to spend the weekend with the Bakers. John is fascinated with their kids, he loves to get to play with them and in doing so is starting to play more by himself. I'm not quite sure how that is working, but I'm thankful for it. We got to go to worship with them also and that was wonderful. This is the first time that John has been in a church where there are a plethora of little kids and room to run. It was great to see him in his gait trainer sometimes leading the pack, sometimes following and always having a good time. He even did very well in Sunday School opening sitting between the Baker girls and was good during worship but of course that had to do with as much with the constant entertainment provided by the girls as it did with the new surroundings and with the improved behavior of the tot.

At the hospital John was reluctant to go anywhere near the clinic unless he was told that I would open the back door and let him run up the tunnel. He did pretty well with everything there but of course since he's getting to be stronger, feel better and feeling his oats a bit more he's also realized that he can run away from mom. This is not a good thing and the crowd was pretty entertained the couple of times that I ran after him, caught him, and spanked his tiny hiney. My family has always been pretty well established as the free show and life with John is certainly no different.

During the end of January we've watched tons of politics, John likes to go turn the tv off when the politicians start yakking, and I'll yak about politics on the other blog, we'll be spending Super Tuesday in Omaha and riding home to the results, I'd like to get to vote then, but hey I'm too opinionated to not yak about it anyway.

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