Thursday, February 7, 2008

Knocked Out Helper


We are celebrating Mark's birthday today, and I was waiting for my helper to make daddy's brownies, but alas my helper has pooped out on me. Yep, that's a book on his head, poor kid, the current cold virus has knocked him for such a loop that he couldn't even get the book open before he fell asleep. He is learning to sign "happy birthday daddy" and with help pulls it off with a humongous smile followed by a few "i love daddy's".

John appointment in Omaha this week went very well. The fancy dancy upper GI test took most of the morning but he was great for the whole thing and even got to where he would pull up his hospital gown when it was time for another picture and then pull it down when that one was done. The official results of the test weren't in when we left but the doctor doing it told us that she didn't see anything like a stricture or grossly enlarged section which would require more surgery.

At that point John's belly was doing much better, and his lab results were perfect and so his drinking binges have been condoned. We are now keeping on hand his special orange juice, ORS and today are trying some special apple juice. He's doing such a good job drinking responsibly and we're so proud of him for it.

So we got to come home, thankfully through just the beginning of the snow storms and even though our sweet little guy has a pretty bad cold that's been making him throw up a lot, he's remaining hydrated and fighting his way through it.

We are starting a new regimen with John on Friday, adding microlipids to his formula instead of in his tpn. We also brought home an avocado from the grocery store to see if we can get him to eat some of it. Once the cold virus is fought off I'm sure he'll be back to eating and doing well.

We missed Ash Wednesday because the little puking boy just needed more rest, I don't know that he'll make it to the church fundraiser on Saturday night but we're hoping that the cold will have run it's course and we'll make it to the Divine Service on Sunday. John cried last night when he found out that he couldn't go to church, and we might both cry about Sunday.

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