Monday, November 12, 2007

Day 75: Focus Power!

I have none. Ever since the word 'home' was spoken in clinic last week I have been unable to focus on anything. I can't really even focus on home, inside my head I'm just bouncing around from this to that and nothing and well, anyway, clinic is in the morning and then I'll either know that we get to go home and be way too excited to focus on anything at all, or that we aren't going home and be just too bummed to focus, so I'm thinking focus power isn't going to be acquired for a while.

During my befuddlement John has been doing FANTASTIC! His labs today were great and he's been a wild child running here and there and giggling and carrying on and just being a fun wild little boy.

Tonight John and I had a special treat. We went out to dinner with some of the Looper mommies that we've met online, and got to laugh and enjoy the evening together. John just loved it and had a great time playing with Charity and even got a few pictures taken, Charity should have them up on her blog, Lutheran Hen pretty soon. It was nice to put faces to some of the names that we've met on line and it sure was a wonderful distraction. We are looking forward to getting to enjoy these ladies company again!

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