Thursday, November 8, 2007

Day 71: Little Miracles

I find that in life it is not so much the big, mountain top, take your breath away miracles that keep you going from day to day, but the little blessings, those things that work out just right when you need them too, even when you expect the worst. I went to bed last night worried that we wouldn't find John's hearing aid, hoping that if someone found it they would turn it in. I woke up this morning and searched our room again, went to all the places that we had been and checked every conceivable place that someone would turn in a little red and silver hearing aid. By the time lunch rolled around and still no hearing aid I figured it was gone for good and we would have to go through the process of getting it replaced.

John's favorite backpack boy was at the Diagnostic Center when we went for labs, so he got to play with Quintin and I got to visit with his mom, this was a really nice break as we weren't able to go visit with the Lutheran Hen and her Chicks today because John woke up all snot nosed and icky feeling. When we all went to lunch and I picked John up out of his gait trainer I found his hearing aid, it was hanging on one of the straps on the gait trainer and had been with us the whole time that I was frantically searching for it.

Option Care, John's home health company, called during lunch to tell me that his new g-button was in, the tube that he's been putting up with hurts and pulls on him, so this was fantastic news. His labs look good and at home Mark found an index for the Bull's Notes that I was supposed to start indexing for him tonight. John has had a great day, he's needed more sleep and rest than usual but in the middle he's also had more energy and ran and played more than he's done recently too. Oh, and it looks like if he continues to improve we will get to go to church again this Sunday, we haven't been since before surgery and we miss it.

Despite John waking up with a snotty nose and puking snot this morning the day was full of little blessings and now the best little blessing of all is falling asleep in his bed, so far without puking his night time meds!

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