Friday, November 2, 2007

Day 65: Irrepressible Smiles

John woke up this morning with irrepressible smiles and most of the day was full of smiles and giggles.

Here's the promised tattoo picture...

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...of course he was much more interested in us going and then when I told him that Spider Man was on his shirt he was all excited, at least for a few minutes, but then he wanted to GO! One of the young guys that works in the cafeteria was dressed as Spider Man for Halloween and came out of the kitchen to let John see him. John was all wide eyed then, but this morning he was pretty excited.

When we went to have blood drawn this morning he was such a good boy, the lady that drew his blood was so impressed and then on our way out of the Diagnostic Center we ran into another one of the 'backpack boys' Quintin and his mom Aaron. We went to the cafeteria with them for lunch and John was wild, laughing and giggling and excited and even took a couple bites of food, one Cheerio, showing off how he could 'drink' them out of the box, and one bite of spaghetti from Aaron. Quintin though John was pretty funny too and so we are probably going to be meeting them for lunch again tomorrow.

The weather was beautiful and so we took a nice long walk outside, phew, we both needed that shot of sunshine.

After John's nap he again woke up with irrepressible smiles and giggles and while I was turned around working at the sink he was squealing with delight and when I turned back around I saw the reason, he was holding his cup and watering himself, he was obviously ready for another water 'fight' with the Chicks.

He finished up the evening by entertaining the cafeteria and then finally by giggling and laughing while daddy was on the phone with us.

The wound drain is slowing down again, and it's clear again, John's labs were fantastic and I was able to turn his g-tube feeds up to 40. Mark is coming on Sunday evening, the new caster/wheels arrived today and so he is coming with wheels and shoes and hopefully within a couple days John will be running the hospital hallways again.


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