Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Still home...

...for the moment at least, John has had a very rough day, he still doesn't feel good at all but for the moment we are still at home, how long that will last is anyone's guess.

We did get some good news today though. The urologist called, Dr. Austin is the surgeon that we've been waiting on to hear about what, when, etc., we were going to do with John and his hydronephrosis. Dr. Austin says that after reviewing John's records from the beginning that his hydronephrosis isn't really worse, considering that he had a full bladder during the ultrasound and that they should have then cathed him, emptied his bladder and checked it again. He does not see John in an emergency state, and for that we are thankful! He does however think that it is time for John to have another VCUG scan done, which checks on the reflux in his ureters, and if that hasn't improved then it is time to start discussing surgery to do some repair there. So we will be having that scan done and seeing him again soon, and then will have news on what, when, etc., is going to happen with John and surgery.

Despite John feeling awful today he was still signing to us, even working with me on some new signs and was giggling at Lucy chasing a fly in the window this afternoon, every our charming little guy.

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