Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And the count starts again.

John made it 6 months and 8 days without having to be hospitalized, a great streak for a little shortness! He's home again tonight but we had to take him to the ER yesterday as he's been fighting a little intestinal bug and finally needed some IV assistance. He's still fighting the bug but is tanked up on fluids and appears strong enough to continue the fight at home. He's snuggled in his bed right now, exhausted but home.

While we were at the hospital we did finally get an answer to how much John should weigh for his height. If I would have thought about this more I would have just done a BMI calculation for him myself, but didn't realize that's what they were basing the numbers off of today. So John's BMI right now is 13, for his height he needs to weigh 12 kilos which is about 4 more pounds than he currently weighs. Four pounds would look really good on him and well 4 pounds of muscle might be really hazardous to the dogs and furniture :)

We still have no news about the impending surgery, hopefully tomorrow. This is surely taxing the limited patience that I own and definitely stomping firmly on my last nerve but well I keep telling others that God's timing is perfect, if impossible to understand unless maybe in hindsight, and now I guess I need to take a bit of my own advice and continue to pray that God's will be done in this matter and wait, patiently, hmmmmmmm, does that have to be with a smile on my face, ah what the heck I might as well smile because not doing so won't help the situation.

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