Friday, July 27, 2007

Well VBS is over...

...and John managed to make it to 3 days, or rather nights. That's not too bad for his first time. Dad went to the closing without us tonight because John was napping. He had big fun in the swimming pool this afternoon, and feasted on his Happy Meal on the way home and then was ready for nappage, hooray!

While the house was quiet and I should have been doing other things I decided that I'd play with the new photo-printer and print out the vacation pictures that are here on the blog and made John a little book about his vacation. He was thrilled. I put in the words and signs for "My Vacation" and about flying, having fun, and seeing his family and he was already working on the new signs and loved the pictures, especially the picture of Uncle Cute Nose blowing bubbles for him. I find it interesting that he is even more fascinated than usual with words when they have the pictures of the signs with them, I so wish that he could talk to me more because I'm sure he understands that they mean something and are important to him. One of these days he'll be talking more and I can't wait!

All John's therapists are now on board for 1x a week therapy, what do you know John behaves better and learns faster that way, sure makes us feel good about the decisions that we've made. Speech this week went very well, Miss Amy had new stuff for John to do and he was thrilled to play with her. PT with Miss Gertie went very well too, and she says that botox for his neck is immediately necessary because he's not currently using the full range of motion on his neck. Today Mr. Paul told us that he agreed with that and think that more tummy time is what is needed. Tummy time would be the big downfall that we have as parents, John hates it and well we aren't the best about making him do it. They have some strategies for us to try so we are going to give it another big effort, sigh, we'll see how it goes.

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