Friday, July 13, 2007

Just a Swimming!

Today was John's first day back in swim therapy and he did great! Another therapist glad to see him continue advancing even without being in therapy for a month, that's just music to our ears. John had a great time in the pool, even though he was already exhausted when he got to it, a 7:15pm therapy time is a wee late for a shortness. But he was still all smiles and giggles.

We got his new braces today, and let him run all over Lowe's while we window shopped all the cool things we'd love to put in a house some day. Enjoying the time at my sister's out in the country has left us dreaming of someday getting to do the same thing, someday.

Yesterday was awful, we even spent yesterday evening discussing how soon we were going to be taking John to the hospital, little silly man pulled through the evening on his own, and had a great day today. Tomorrow he gets to run around the church while we have the church cleaning, I'm not sure this is going to be exactly helpful, but it will certainly be entertainment :)

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