Thursday, August 2, 2007

Time to Play

John was feeling a little better this evening, you can tell from the pics that he's still not up to his normal level of silliness but at least he was ready to play, even if the smiles were few and far between.

One of the things that they ask at the hospital when he's admitted is about his development and one of the questions was does he pretend play. I hadn't really thought about it, but tonight since he was feeling better I thought we try and see how it went. I got out a number of John's bears and he fed them, gave them drinks, hugs, kisses, oh and of course they got phone calls - if you'll look close in his hand you will see he's holding the phone, sister bear had just gotten a call and he was getting it to her. I thought it was funny that his bears also needed medicine, some of them like theirs orally and some in their g-tubes, he filled the syringe back up out of the empty bowl several times to make sure that all were properly medicated, and of course had to listen to them with his stethoscope and look in their mouths with the tongue depressor. I'm looking around to see if we have one of those little pen lights somewhere, I want to see if he'll check their eyes and ears. At any rate he had fun, so did I and next time they ask me if he can pretend I can give them a resounding "Yes!"

While Mark was out in the country parish for the ladies meeting we also had time to make dinner and bake some banana bread. John helped shuck the corn, put the bullion cubes in the pan, salt and pepper the meat and then he had a good time sitting on the counter helping with the banana bread.

He loved turning the mixer on and off, helping to put things in the bowl, breaking the eggs and helping to whip stuff, of course his favorite is always the beater in the end :)

Little boy is in his bed, still talking but doing well, all in all it's been a better day for him and makes us feel hopeful that he is on the upswing of this thing.

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