Monday, August 6, 2007

Corn, corn and more corn...

...but mean mommy made him take 3 noodle bites and 3 piggy bites too! Actually John ate the best tonight that he's eaten since we returned from check-ups in St. Louis, we're hoping this is the harbinger of things to come despite his low energy level this evening.

We've been in search of a perfect mac and cheese recipe for a while, smooth, creamy, cheesy, and using real cheese, butter, etc., we finally found one but of course that still didn't make John happy with eating noodles. He didn't protest over these as much as he has over other noodle recipes, so maybe he'll eventually learn to like them, who knows.

Well at the hospital the last time I finally had to pull out the 'h' word. One of the therapist was pretty insistent about knowing where John was going for preschool this year and I finally told her that he would be homeschooled, while I can't say that she was thrilled or impressed, at least she didn't look shocked or offended, I'm sure we'll get that reaction from someone out there some day, lol, I just keep bracing myself for it. I was however really impressed with the reaction of the coordinator for the school. We ran into her at Wally yesterday and let her know that John would only be traveling to therapy once a week this coming fall and she was happy with it and said that she was glad to have the info so that she could get his IEP written up, of course we haven't used the 'h' word with her yet.

Just in case the thought has ever floated through your head that the government would be great at handling the health care in this country and nothing else has persuaded you that this would be an insane proposition, get a hold of this - to get John evaluated for and have 4 vision therapy sessions it would be $820 out of pocket if we go to the Medicaid provider, and $805 if we pay cash up front to the non-Medicaid provider, hmmmmmmm, makes me think. Okay, this is a different kind of therapy than what normally goes on, but he has a load of other therapists and doctors that really think that he might need help relearning what level looks like as his neck strengthens and he's able to look at the world in a new way. Now, we are thankful beyond words to the taxpayers of this state and this country for the health care that has been provided for our son, we certainly wish that we were able to afford the care that he needs without this assistance but still, if you ever think that the government should be in charge of all of health care park yourselves in the shoes of a government health care recipient for a few minutes, you'll see it from a whole new perspective. Well okay, I'll get off my soapbox, lol, for the moment :)

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