Friday, June 2, 2006

A Miniature but Patriotic Ham

The picture above was taken as we were modeling a new outfit on John for the fourth of July. It is a custom boutique set that his mom made for him and that she will also be making for another child whose parents have the winning bid on ebay. This is not intended to be an advertisement. It's just a chance to share how good John is looking this week and to explain in part why we haven't been keeping up with the blog too well lately.

John has been going through some tummy trouble of late as we have been noting previousely. In talking to the GI team at Children's were working on switching the antibiotic routine that he has been on. The medication that is supposed to be the magic bullet for Short-gut bacterial overgrowth issues doesn't seem to be working on John. So we may be looking at other meds to try and strike the proper balance in his intestines.

Even with these issues he has been making progress with his strength, endurance, and ability. He is getting around more as well as more intentionally in his gait trainer. He isn't able to make great progress on the carpet yet, but once he does the dogs better watch out or get used to being chased by the two year old. This should be helped, or rather aided and abetted, by the new AFOs that John will be getting on June 9th. His PT Shawna was with us for therapy on Thursday and was thrilled by his progress and he has been helped immensely by her aid and support. Shawna is going on to other things and next week after John gets his AFOs will be his last session with her. We are grateful for the good she has done for John and we will all miss her, especially John.

We hope that the rest of the week will be quiet and that we can get John through this to some more settled progress both with his belly and with the rest of his efforts.

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