Saturday, June 3, 2006

The Saturday Sillies

As you can tell from the picture our little silly has had a good day! He woke up with smiles and fingers in ears and wanted in his gait trainer to play right after he had a good long drink. He is getting better everyday about moving purposefully and has gotten the hang of pinning a parent against a cabinet. He thinks it's funny, and well so do we, so of course he keeps it up.

When he woke up from his nap this afternoon he was especially exuberant, full of giggles and smiles. He would give himself tickle, tickle, tickles and then giggle and giggle and then he'd give daddy tickle, tickle, tickles and giggle about that too. He was very talkative right up until he heard Papa on the phone and then he was all smiles and huge eyes and excited but no noises, except that at the end he finally decided to honk his nose for Papa a couple times.

He's not eaten as well as usual today, but we are experimenting with giving him some metamucil to keep things moving so it will probably take a while to adjust to that. The true test will be tomorrow, if the sweet little old ladies brought donuts and he eats them we'll know he's on the up swing.

This evening at bed time, after prayers he absolutely had to have a drink out of daddy's bucket - that big cup you see in the picture. As you can tell it was a good time had by all. He is growing more and more thrilled with open cups, which he spills very well, and straws, which he mostly flails around like a sword and less and less thrilled with his sippy cup. This is the same way that he switched from bottle to sippy cup last year and so we figure we're building up to a change. A messy and rather interesting change, and one in which we are ever so grateful that he really only likes to drink plain water.

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