Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Father's Day!

Here's hoping your Father's Day was great! Ours was blissfully quiet and lots of fun too.

Today was another school day and John was a hoot. He enjoyed the ride in, was so excited to be there and then did pretty darn good during his class too. He did very well playing with the little barn and it looks like his motor control is picking up some, he's becoming a little more steady with his movements. He was pretty consistent with 'go,go,go' and even got a few 'go again's in there. He's getting good enough that his 'work' is being made a little harder for him. Instead of getting away with just some gibberish when Amy, his therapist, wants him to repeat her, he has to at least make a noise that is getting close or at least has the proper amount of syllables in it. John is making progress one baby step at a time and most of those steps are taken with smiles!

The pictures show you our other new trick.

He is now able to get a spoon in his mouth, even a big spoon, whenever he wants to and is occasionally getting food in there too. He's pretty good with bigger things and can even manage something little like a cheerio now and again. His appetite is also picking up and his naps are getting weirder, you know that good toddler stage when they don't want to take a nap but need one and then if they go down late they are up forever. As in he's sitting next to me right now eating cheerios and hopefully will be going to bed soon!

We had what could turn out to be a very happy accident today, when his formula was hooked up after his ceralyte run the rate wasn't changed from 200 ml/hr to 86 ml/hr. After several hours of this the bag ran empty and we realized there was a problem. He's been unhooked for several hours since then and so far we've seen no ill effects. Depending on how the night goes we will be calling his GI nurse practitioner tomorrow to see if she is ready to try some experimentation. These happy accidents often work out very well for John and this one might also.

One last thing before I forget. John likes the new braces, we are still only putting them on him for an hour or so each day, easing into it, letting his feet get used to them. But the most wonderful thing is coming of it, he's stood to get in his gait trainer for quite some time now, but with the braces not only will he stand but he initiates his own steps into the trainer and even while we are supporting him doing this if we don't pay careful attention he tries to walk right out of our hands. We've not seen John's new physical therapist yet, but know that when Shawna gets a chance to read this that it will give her smiles. Every time he does it we tell him that Miss Shawna would be so proud of him!

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