Monday, June 12, 2006

Coke and a Smile

Our little boy is such a camera ham. Last evening we were downstairs getting ready to watch a movie and he kept reaching for the Coke can. We decided to snap a few pictures of his attempts to get into it (It was unopened or else we would have had a clean up to follow the picture taking)Sunday was a good day for John. He didn't have much trouble at church, he was good for most of the service, after worship he did take a few bites, but only of chocolate brownie. After John and his mommy got home it was time for him to take a nap, and he took a good long one. It was after his nap and dinner was made that the picture was taken. He ate like a little piggy; eating a good chunk of burger and bun and at least six whole fries. He went to bed a little early, but made up for it by waking up several times and needing attention.

Monday was a late morning for John, he slept in and woke up in a very good mood. After bath and getting dressed he was eager to get into his gait trainer and spend some time toddling around the kitchen. For breakfast he had quite a few blueberries and did well with them. After breakfast he was not wanting his gait trainer, but reached for his toys in the living room. After playing with them for a while he went downstairs to work with daddy in his study and had a good time in his exersaucer until he needed to be changed.

After being cleaned up and redressed he was ready for lunch. John ate about a quarter of a big kosher hot dog and totally enjoyed himself. He went down for his nap easily and stayed asleep for almost two hours. He spent the time after getting up from his nap playing on the floor with his toys, riding on his airplane and really getting a hang of pushing the go pedal, and finally in his gait trainer running into and over daddy's toes as he worked in the kitchen. He was delightful company at dinner tonight, but didn't have any appetite. After dinner it was time to get ready for bed and John enjoyed a few books and then we said prayers and put him to bed.

Since bedtime he has had to be changed once and bedding replaced including one stuffed friend that now has to go to the laundry. He is still making some noise in there, but we hope he will get to sleep soon. Tomorrow is a big day for him. We have school in the morning and after his speech therapy there will be a meeting with his therapists, his service coordinator Kathy, and representatives of the local school district to set up the transition for John since he will be turning 3 in December and will be 'graduating' from the First Steps program and will have to come under the school district. Please pray for us, this will determine what we will be able to do to meet John's future therapy needs.

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