Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sweet and Silly


One of the benefits of shutting the tv off during the school week has been that John has found some of his old toys and remembered that he liked to play with them. His favorite is still the airplanes and dad takes him outside for those every day for a bit, but today he remembered how much fun the rice was and a even drove his trucks around for a bit.


John woke this morning puking again. Looks like we are combating his sluggish colon to get stuff moved on out the proper end of him and with a few adjustments he was finally starting to feel a bit better after lunch. Mark got a rare turn behind the camera while John was standing up behind my chair patting me on the head, running his hands through my hair and then kissing me on the cheek.


After supper and some tug of war with my apron strings John decided to sneak up behind dad's chair, dad got a few sweet pats and even a kiss on the cheek, but this was obviously reserved for dad!

Tomorrow we are back to the book work of Kindergarten, probably needing to run into town for a new medicine to see if we can't give John's colon a kick start, and then a new family tradition, pizza and a movie, I have a feeling it's going to be a lot of Tom and Jerry, at least until silly boy goes to bed.

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