Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pray for Our Marine

This is my sister Tina, her husband Daniel, and their two sons, Wyatt (on the left) and Shorty (on the right).

Wyatt is in Marine Boot camp, less than a month from graduation, and currently in the hospital with cellulitis and staph in one leg. I got to talk to him for a few minutes this morning and he is in good spirits and wants nothing more than his leg to heal up to the point that he can go back to full duty before a week is up so that he won't be dropped and have to start over. This guy has had his wisdom teeth pulled, pneumonia, a twisted ankle, pinkeye and now this and still all he wants is to get to do his work to be a Marine. Please keep him in your prayers, and his family too, they are a long way away to have have their son and brother in the hospital, at least at this point they can talk to him a bit.

If you'd like to send this brave Marine recruit a get-well card contact me at and I will give his mailing address to you.

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