Thursday, August 20, 2009

Out Again

John had his line placed this morning and is outpatient again! The line is not the temporary one we expected but a broviac again, that's okay though, in the end it takes the same amount of work to put them in and they pull out just as easily so long as it is done quickly. This time the doctor put a local anesthetic under John skin at the line site and so he didn't need to have any pain medication later. The other news from the line placement is that John's veins look good and he hasn't lost any line sites. This is a huge big deal as John will inevitably need a central line now and again through the years. These lines can only be placed in certain places and there are times when those veins just can't take it anymore and close from the scar tissue, John's haven't done that and we are so very thankful.

So tonight we are outpatient, we have the sad job of telling Dad good-bye but we are so excited that we should be getting to go with him when he returns on Tuesday! Thanks again to everyone for their prayers and support, being parents is not an easy job for anyone, adding in frequent hospitalizations and the reality of life threatening illnesses surely doesn't make it easier, but knowing that there are family and friends that care for us, love us and keep us in their prayers and thoughts does.

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