Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still home...

...thank goodness!!!

John's rough day yesterday won him a night of ceralyte and this morning he was looking better :)

He's still kinda tired but doing oh so much better, enough so that he got to go for a walk this evening and made it farther up the big hill than ever before. He even ate a bit through the day too!

The funniest thing of the day was when I was rearranging some stuff in the area where we take pics and John was sitting on the footstool trying to get his shirt off, desperately looking for the new one, silly boy. After all we were in the picture taking place so of course it must be time for him to ham it up in a new shirt.

Tomorrow is his 6 month dentist check-up, but his therapists are still on spring break so we're looking forward to a rather leisurely trip to Columbia and back, hopefully in time to get lots done at home and let a little silly man make his nightly jaunt through the neighborhood, on dog, of course!

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